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Digital Garden
Digital Garden is a multimedia installation that examines our relationship with technology, considering its potential for both creativity and conservation. The installation operates through a web-based platform that encourages participants to share memories with the garden. In response, the garden reimagines these memories, creating a unique interactive experience.
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Moving Image, Installation

RM Gallery

Circuit Dream
‘Facing a digital darkness, a curious robot ventures beyond the familiar, seeking to illuminate its town once again.' Circuit Dream unpacks the shadows of our media landscape, where a chase for meaning ensues amidst war and noise.

Think Beyond ‘22
Nation wide tour for Lenovo NZ to show their clients how to achieve to achieve their technology and sustainable goals.

Two Truths and a Lie
Visual arts exhibition as part of Auckland Art Festival that sees artists respond to the current atmosphere of misinformation and distrust.
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Art Direction, Installation, Curatorial

Depot Artspace

Fusion Golf
Custom mini golf course for Fusion5 at the CFO Summit & Awards. Featuring beautifully crafted ‘Business Road Blocks’ which were not only informative but also fun, branded and backed by a strong message that pleased our vendors.