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Digital Garden
Digital Garden is a multimedia installation that examines our relationship with technology, considering its potential for both creativity and conservation. The installation operates through a web-based platform that encourages participants to share memories with the garden. In response, the garden reimagines these memories, creating a unique interactive experience.
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Moving Image, Installation

RM Gallery

Circuit Dream
‘Facing a digital darkness, a curious robot ventures beyond the familiar, seeking to illuminate its town once again.' Circuit Dream unpacks the shadows of our media landscape, where a chase for meaning ensues amidst war and noise.

Yānum - Fragments of Femininity
Yānum narrates the ancient Tamil literature Aimperumkāppiyankal through a series of five Bharatanatyam dance performance tableaux.

This Room is an Island
This Room is an Island is an interactive, immersive performance, a work where – if you choose – you can enter 1890s Taiwan and journey through successive decades of social engineering and changes of political masters.
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Projection Design, Animation, Performance

Yin-Chi Lee, Foundation North, Creative New Zealand, National Taiwan History Museum