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Digital Garden
Digital Garden is a multimedia installation that examines our relationship with technology, considering its potential for both creativity and conservation. The installation operates through a web-based platform that encourages participants to share memories with the garden. In response, the garden reimagines these memories, creating a unique interactive experience.
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Moving Image, Installation

RM Gallery

Circuit Dream
‘Facing a digital darkness, a curious robot ventures beyond the familiar, seeking to illuminate its town once again.' Circuit Dream unpacks the shadows of our media landscape, where a chase for meaning ensues amidst war and noise.

Yānum - Fragments of Femininity
Yānum narrates the ancient Tamil literature Aimperumkāppiyankal through a series of five Bharatanatyam dance performance tableaux.

This Room is an Island
This Room is an Island is an interactive, immersive performance, a work where – if you choose – you can enter 1890s Taiwan and journey through successive decades of social engineering and changes of political masters.
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Projection Design, Animation, Performance

Yin-Chi Lee, Foundation North, Creative New Zealand, National Taiwan History Museum

How to Throw a Chinese Funeral
Set across Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Auckland, How to Throw a Chinese Funeral unravels the tapestry of a family's history and heritage during a traditional Taoist funeral.  As the puppet and projection designer, I crafted eight unique puppets inspired by the wayang kulit shadow puppetry, which serve as narrative vessels, casting silhouetted glimpses into the family's past and illuminating the play’s exploration of memory, identity, and generational change.