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Digital Garden
Digital Garden is a research project that delves into the potential of electronic waste as a resource for creating interactive installations. The central concept is a "digital garden," a nurturing space that fosters the growth of ideas, cultivates meaningful dialogue, and encourages the exchange of knowledge. Traditionally associated with online platforms, this installation aims to materialises the digital garden concept into a public space, making it accessible to diverse audiences, including children, elders, and those less engaged in virtual environments.
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Art Direction, Installation

Creative New Zealand, Kristin Li, Kyung Ho Min, Ford Jones, Qianye Lin

"MAHIGAWA" (Magic/Spell) is a moving image work featuring Lara Chuo and Cypris Afakasi, exploring self-celebration and self-doubt. Set against Northcote Central’s urban landscape, the piece presents the artists as gods from their indigenous histories, juxtaposing divine figures in a pedestrian setting to challenge conventional notions of vanity, pride, and narcissism. Through captivating performances and evocative imagery, "Mahigawa" invites viewers to examine their relationship with self-love, and experience the transcendent beauty of embracing their own divine reflection.
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Art Direction, Cinematography

All My Friends

Webex in New Zealand
Brand awareness campaign for Westcon-Comstor New Zealand to increase Webex’s brand presence
throughout the region.

Lenovo Integrated Māori Keyboard
Product launch for the world’s first integrated Te Reo Māori Keyboard for Lenovo Aotearoa New Zealand at Ngā Whare Waatea Marae in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Cisco Cyber Security
Brand activation for Comstor-Cisco at the Reseller News Innovation Awards 2022.