Market Scene

With a sense of nostalgia, Unlined is about negotiating and rediscovering one’s diasporic identity. It’s about reimagining oneself in relation to space, to culture and to memories. It is a self-discovering journey in dialogue with ‘others’.

As part of Asian New Zealand Foundation's IN TOUCH arts commissions

Director of Photography - Darryl Chin
Set Designer - Kyung Ho Min
Music Composer - Wu Yi fan
Director - Yin-Chi Lee


As production migrated towards a virtual domain during the pandemic, various artists responded with diverse outlooks on digital interactions. The piece is an amalgamation of this dialogue and we hope to offer a perspective on loss and connection between oneself and communities.

Poem & Voice - Yin-Chi Lee
Set Designer - Kyung Ho Min
Music Composer - Conor McCann
Director - Darryl Chin